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Project Description
An ASP.NET AJAX framework

Fully compatible with .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5

Current Release: Apprender.Common

If you've already referenced to System.Core.dll, please do not reference LinqBridge.dll, which just provides the ability to add Extension Methods under .NET 2.0 and 3.0


  • retrieves or posts data to the server and returns results as json or simple string, similar to ASP.NET AJAX WebService but with automatic caching and better performance(ASP.NET AJAX has to parse the .net objects into XML and then parse XML into JSON which is totally unnecessary if you just want result in JSON format)
  • automatically cache results if specified
  • automatically gzip results if specified
  • allows use of custom json parser(implements IJsonSerializer), default is 1.3
  • automatically maps method parameters
  • automatically stores cache onto the hard drive if specified


  • automatically gzip JavaScripts and CSS
  • automatically load JavaScripts and CSS you specify in Web.Config for every page that has an instance of ClientResourceControl
  • automatically cache JavaScripts and CSS
  • grouping combines JavaScripts or CSS
  • automatically loads min.js if exisits


  • facilitates the process of building html string


  • automatically gzip the response content if specified

Upcoming Features:

  • Apprender JavaScript Framework, a JavaScript framework that adds support of OOP, certain features require jQuery

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